Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Texas Two-Step Oil Spots from Coyote!

We have a lot of customers who swear by Coyote cone 6 glazes -- their various lines are reliable, sophisticated, and unique. Now, their surface treatments are even more eye-popping with the introduction of their Texas Two Step Oil Spots.  This is a two-part system that actually delivers functional and reliable results -- paint or dip an undercoat, and then when that's dry, paint or dip an overcoat, and enjoy oil-spotted results unlike anything you've seen!  We carry a full line of Coyote glazes in pints; ask about our dry glazes, too!  

Above: Coyote MBG140 (Licorice) over Coyote MBG150 (Blue Moon).

Check out all of these cool color combinations:

If you are interested in purchasing these glazes, please follow the link!

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  1. Is anyone else had a problem getting the texas 2 step glazes to go on the bisque smoothly? I have a giant mess!