Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Countdown to NCECA!

Like many people and businesses embedded in the ceramic arts, we are getting very excited for NCECA here at The Ceramic Shop!  For the uninitiated, NCECA is the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, and this year the annual conference is being held in Milwaukee.  This means days of awesome demos, talks, and hanging out with ceramic artists - March 19th through 22nd is going to be awesome.  

The Ceramic Shop will have a booth as we usually do, and this will be a great opportunity for anyone who stops by to look at the products that we've developed over the past year or so, including a new and improved Wacky Wax and the increasingly-popular Ware Repair.  We will also have a demo station this year, with a focus on the awesome ribs from Princeton Brush Co.! We started carrying this line of tools last year, and I've had the opportunity to use several of them.  These tools come in a variety of very cool textures, and they are also extremely ergonomic, which makes them especially nice for throwing smaller forms like mugs and pitchers. 

Because I will be doing demos at the conference, I've been practicing using many of the different Princeton Artist Brush Co. tools.  This has been a great reason for me to hide out in my studio (even more) in a bid to bypass this silly slushy winter, and my results, so far, have been pretty good.  I'll post some in-progress shots and update as these pieces move through the firing process so you can see how the tools affect the final outcome, beginning to end.

Testing, testing: I worked with a few of the catalyst contour ribs on some wheelthrown pottery.  

Here are my first, and clearly recent, results.  
Already looking forward to trimming these today, 
and making some new ones!

Are you looking forward to NCECA?  If you plan on attending, please stop by our booth and say hello!  

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