Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cone 6 never looked so cool!

The Ceramic Shop is excited to now carry the very latest from Coyote Clay & Color – a new line of specialty slow-cool cone 6 glazes! By adding a controlled cooling to a typical cone 6 firing, these rich glazes produce dynamic, crystalled surfaces – results that can be quite difficult to obtain, especially when using commercial glazes. Coyote has you covered, though, with their new series!

These new crystal glazes do not run or seed and can also be fired right along with your other cone 6 glazes, so you’ll have no worries about loading a special kiln just for these finishes. You will, however, need to program a special slow cool segment into your firing program – consult your kiln’s operation manual and use the following program:

Ramps: 5

Ramp 1: 100/hour to 220 (this preheat ramp is optional)

Ramp 2: 350/hour to 2000

Ramp 3: 150/hour to 2200, hold 15 minutes

Ramp 4: 500/hour to 2150, hold for 15 minutes

Ramp 5: 125/hour to 1400

Please keep in mind that thermocouples tend to vary slightly, so you may need to tweak the top temperature for your kiln. Your witness cone 5 should be all the way down, and the witness cone six should be from halfway over to the tip even with the base (between cone 5 1/2 and 6), cone seven should be mostly straight.

Coyote currently offers seven different glazes, with plans on expanding the series even more, so keep an eye out on our website for new offerings. Here are some samples:

The Ceramic Shop currently offers these glazes in several different amounts, as well – you can choose from wet-mixed pints, 1-gallon pails, or 3-gallon pails, or if you prefer to mix your own, we also sell dry glaze in 10-lb. and 25-lb. amounts. These options are all available on each glaze’s pull-down menu. Questions? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 215-427-9665.

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