Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Axner Colored Porcelain

We just recently started carrying Axner's new colored porcelain samplers here at The Ceramic Shop, and already we are in love. These 5-lb. blocks of clay come in a wide variety of colors -- 14 in total! -- and they can easily be fired to cone 6. 

A porce of many colors

If you've ever attempted to tint your own porcelain, you probably know how immediately rewarding it can be -- but you also probably know how difficult it can be to repeat specific results if you've gone the route of just folding in some stains with your already-mixed porcelain. These sampler packs, though, are bright, color-soaked, consistent batches -- which is a great quality if you're a production potter looking to add just a subtle detail of color to your work, or if you're a jewelry artist who wants to achieve the same colorful outcome with each firing. 

When these sampler packs showed up in our shop, I was impressed with the packaging -- they all come in a resealable plastic container, so you know each block of clay will stay workable for a long time, and it's basically ready-made for long-term studio storage. I know in my own studio, I have all of these weird little deli containers labeled with different clay types that I use for 'detailing', which means adding little botanical-looking flourishes to my forms, so I am definitely looking forward to adding these to my own lineup.

We've had a few questions about the finish of these porcelains -- the chips shown above show what the clays look like bare (top left corner of each sample), and then clear glazed (lower right corner of each sample). As you can see, they are sharp both glazed and unglazed. The colors are bright enough to rival polymer clay, so if you are a Sculpey or Fimo enthusiast and are looking for a more durable, less expensive, and cleaner-firing material, you might really enjoy working with this product.

If you are interested in our Axner cone 6 colored porcelains, you can click here to check out all of our offerings!

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  1. It is amazing the colors you can get from porcelain. So much more firing heat though!